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Crypto Marketing Tools

A business woman holding a tablet with crypto marketing icons on it.

We discussed in a recent article the importance of an effective crypto marketing campaign, but what are the crypto marketing tools that help us achieve our goal? What are those crypto marketing tools that can help us to enhance the brand to a higher level? Let’s have a look at some of them:


A must-have crypto marketing tool that facilitates seamless communication and saves time.

Send X

A low-cost, easy-to-use crypto marketing tool that contains over 50 email templates that may be used for newsletters, product launches, promotions, etc. Also, your target audience can be segmented based on demographics and subscription behavior.


Artificial intelligence technology used to improve the results of every email you send. This crypto marketing tool enables you to have a deeper understanding of your consumers’ preferences. and helps you figure out when the optimal moment is to send emails for the greatest results.


A great crypto marketing tool for managing and running giveaways.


This crypto marketing tool is an awesome choice if you want to conduct an effective crypto contest. You can use this crypto marketing tool in two ways: as a reward program and as a viral contest.

A loyalty cycle is created by giving awards points for referrals and purchases on your website.


A free crypto marketing tool for contests that includes features like a 1-click random winner, pre-made layouts, data export through CSV files, thorough analytics, fraud detection and more.


This crypto marketing tool gives crypto businesses the opportunity to follow their customers and have a better understanding of their emotions and engagement with their brand.

Social Pilot

The crypto marketing tool that helps you manage your social media accounts, plan updates, increase interaction, analyze your data and to publish to various crypto social media networks.

Sprout Social

A crypto marketing tool that assists you in resolving social media issues and strengthening relationships with your audience. You can manage and control social postings across different platforms, networks, and crypto marketing campaigns from a single place.

That being said, it is important to know that there is no such thing as one best crypto marketing tool. An effective campaign relies on a variety of them, purposely built for different aspects. So choose the crypto marketing tool mix that better fits your project and goals.