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Do you have a winning content strategy yet?

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We all know that content is king and how important content is to get your message across. But if you create content just for the sake of content, the results can be disastrous. According to Semrush, 81% of the companies without a well-defined content marketing strategy had unsuccessful content marketing efforts. That’s why it is crucial to have a winning content marketing strategy to help you achieve success.

In this article we will talk about the major steps you need to take for your winning content marketing strategy and help you understand the value of content when it’s done right!

Content Marketing Strategy Step #1: Define a goal

Let’s start from the beginning! For a winning content strategy, it is crucial to know and outline why you’re creating the content. Is it because you want to increase your brand’s awareness? Is it because you want to create interest and desire around your product and its purchase? Or is it because you want to retain customers and build brand loyalty? Whatever it is, your winning content strategy has to have a purpose.

Step #2: Who are you creating the content for?

Explain and outline who you’re trying to reach with your content and message. For a winning content strategy, you need to get to know your audience and try to identify its characteristics, its preferences and how it acts. If you don’t know anything about who you’re targeting, the chances that your efforts will be in vain are pretty big! So do your research about industry trends, survey your existing customers and keep an eye on whom your competitors are targeting, build that audience knowledge!

Step #3: Find the right type and the right channel for your content

Again, the importance of getting to know your audience for a winning content strategy! Do a research on how your audience consumes the information and from where to reach them! What are the issues that speak the most to them? Do they love reading a blog on a website? Or do they love watching videos on YouTube? What about Social Media? E-mails? Podcasts? The options are limitless so get to know your audience’s preferences and you’ll have a winning content strategy .

Step #4: Be original! Be relevant!

Sadly, a lot of content on the Internet is plagiarized and doesn’t provide any real value. For a winning content strategy, create content that stands out, that is original and most importantly, is relevant and offers genuine value to your audience

Step #5: Measure your results!

Google Analytics, social media, the sale metrics…all of that information is a must for a winning content strategy and for you to figure out if your efforts are in vain. You need to know what your audience likes, what your audience didn’t like, what spoke the most to it and why. It’s your way to have a clear vision and make improvements when it’s due.

Look…the truth is that creating a winning content strategy can be challenging to implement and you will go through a lot of tests and errors BUT the steps we presented to you will help you go in the right direction.