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Benefícios do Google Analytics 4

The Benefits of Google Analytics 4

It’s time to talk about Google Analytics! Google Analytics 4, to be exact! On the 14th of October of 2020 Google announced this new version of the well-known analytics platform and raised a lot of curiosity: what this new Google Analytics 4 brings to the table and what are the benefits of Google Analytics 4?

First and foremost…

With Google Analytics 4 you get a clearer vision about the user journey

With Google Analytics 4it’s not about measurements that are easily fragmented by device or platform anymore, it’s about the users and their interactions. Which means you have a single set of metrics and dimensions at your disposal to look at both web and app data.

We explain!

Let’s say a user visits your website on his desktop computer, revisits it on his mobile device and decides to buy your product on your app. With Google Analytics 4, you have the necessary tools needed to track this journey accurately.

Google Analytics 4 tools are focused on user engagement

No more Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion menus! Now Google Analytics 4 has a Lifecycle section which divides the analysis into Acquisition, Engagement, Monetisation and Retention.

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And the best feature Google Analytics 4 brings – powerful metrics that predict customer actions and value!
With the help of Artificial Intelligence, these new engagement metrics combined with the new pre-configured scroll, video, outbound clicks and file download events, you can get a clear vision if your content is engaging or not.

Google Analytics 4 means a stronger audience for your campaigns

Like Google said… new predictive metrics, higher value audience! With Google Analytics 4 new metrics, you can achieve higher value customers and run analyses to better understand why some customers are likely to spend more than others. That way, you can take action to improve your results.

Google Analytics 4 and user privacy

Google Analytics 4 “opens the door” to a more intuitive and precise control over personal data and the processes of how these are collected. Win, win! Google Analytics 4 will help you comply with current and future privacy regulations.

Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery integrated!

BigQuery is a data warehouse that includes built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis and business intelligence to help you to quickly answer complex questions without the need for infrastructure management.

And now, Google Analytics 4’s integration with BigQuery allows you to analyze massive datasets within seconds and gather valuable insights from the platform’s machine learning.

So here you have it folks…Google Analytics 4! A more human view on engagement with a powerful AI-driven predictive analytics and a higher value segmentation. The benefits of Google Analytics 4 are really numerous so include the platform in your strategy plan and get ahead of the competition!