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Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers?

A tablet showcases the Instagram app, where users can buy Instagram followers.


Ok…so we all know that content is key and content is king when it comes to a digital marketing strategy. And it’s true, content is a really important asset to have. It’s your tool to capture your audience’s attention and continually reinforce a positive impression in your public’s mind. But what do you do when this attention is lacking or missing completely?

Whether you are a rising social media star, a small company, or just trying to bring awareness to an important issue, you need those Instagram followers. To get to the biggest audience possible and get your message across. You have the opportunity to buy Instagram followers and there are plenty of cheap services available that allow you to buy 1,000 followers for as little as $10. So it might get tempting to take a shortcut. BUT…is buying Instagram followers legal and safe for your business? Is this investment really worth it?

Let us break it down for you how that works!

Bots and inactive accounts are the reason you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers

The majority of purchasable Instagram followers are either bots or inactive accounts that won’t do much for your engagement! In some cases, the bots may even assume the identity of a real person, using stolen images and names. The inactive accounts? Those are created by users whose only goal is to get followed in return. While these Instagram followers might show early engagement, they’ll ultimately become a drain on your Instagram account’s performance metrics when their accounts go inoperative, so your account would represent only an inflated number of Instagram followers with none of the value organic followers can bring. So don’t buy Instagram followers!

No more engagement if you buy Instagram followers

Engagement is crucial when we talk about how Instagram’s algorithm works. If you buy Instagram followers, no more engagement! And without likes or comments, your post won’t show up on your real audience’s newsfeeds, and it also won’t show up on any Explore Pages.

No more credibility if you buy Instagram followers

If you buy Instagram followers, it will ruin your credibility! Your real audience might notice you don’t have a ton of engagement on your posts, which could stop them from following you. Of course! Would you keep following an account if you saw that most of its “loyal audience” was all made up and not real? It could seem deceitful, and lead you to believe the brand couldn’t get authentic Instagram followers through good content alone.

And your metrics? Buying Instagram followers it will mess it up

It’s practically impossible to measure how well your audience is connecting with your brand if you buy Instagram followers! And a high percentage isn’t real. If you don’t know how well your posts are doing and what your audience thinks or feels, you’ll never convert them into real customers.

You’re violating Instagram’s community guidelines!

Instagram is looking to maintain genuine interactions on its site, protecting real accounts and experiences by removing likes, follows, or comments from third-party apps that are designed to artificially grow accounts’ audiences. If you buy Instagram followers, it means you’re violating Instagram’s community guidelines so you might get your account shut down.

The moral of the story? Stick to content and don’t buy Instagram followers! After all, content is key, content is king!